HITCON CTF 2020 Writeup

Posted on Wed, 2020-12-02 in CTF

Wassup wassup wassup wassuuuuuuuup! C-T-eeeeeF!

So, after a somewhat long time out of the CTF scene, I played with my team mhackeroni.

These is my (short) writeup for challenge Run Run Run and L'Obscurité (I know you only care about the latter, so I put it at the end :P …

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CtfZone 2019 Quals - Chicken WriteUp

Posted on Fri, 2019-12-13 in CTF

Time to try to put together a writeup of a challenge I think only us of mhackeroni solved. Given that there were only few reversing challenges, I put on my web-guy hat and started going down the rabbit hole.

Spoiler alert: I will explain not only the solution, but also …

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